. Dogs are not allowed in the paying area. Only in the camping bus. We simply do not want animals to be exposed to too much music.


. The part paying is forbidden to people under age


. Checks will be made at the entrances.


. No fires.


. Drugs are banned from the festival site and illegal in Switzerland.


. Glass is forbidden on the festival site. (Take plastic bottles).


. The festival takes place on a protected natural area, please, preserve nature. It is forbidden to go for a walk anywhere outside the festival area.


. Garbage and waste sorting systems will be available everywhere throughout the site. Please, respect Nature, clean your camp and throw your own waste. The ecological aspect of this event is very important for us all.


. Think about taking warm clothes for mountain climate, as well as rain clothes.

. For the people that comes by train, you have to take the funicular Saint-Imier. On arrival, shuttles will take you to the entrance of the festival.


For more informations please write to :